Tuesday 27 October 2020

God Ginrai

 So, for some reason, the page is missing for God Ginrai, so I will make this short and sweet. In Masterforce, Powermaster Optimus Prime was remolded and slightly repainted into Super Ginrai, who makes up half of the combined God Ginrai figure with Godbomber. I only had the giftset, but he was also available separately without Godbomber.



If you are interested in the differences between Ginrai and PM Prime, I did a comparison Here.

  He's got all the same features as Powermaster Prime plus the retractable fists. I really like the silver colour they went with for the trailer instead of the dull gray and the chrome and paint additions on the trailer, making the figure stand out much better.

 In the base mode, not much difference

The Godbomber figure is an add on for the combined mode, unfortunately I don't have a photo handy of the truck mode, he becomes an additional trailer which you can see in the boxed picture above. He is a parts-former, the arms, wings, chest, back, and legs are all separate parts. He's roughly the same size as Super Ginrai.

When combined, he's massive, and very solid. I am quite fond of the figure overall. He doesn't have a lot of articulation, he can raise his arms, do the splits and look down. He's barely able to fit in a detolf shelf.

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