Wednesday 17 May 2017

Decepticon Small Pretenders

Finally got the last one to finish this trio. I've been a little lax on my US G1 collection since I started going for the international releases. But when a decent deal comes up on one, I can't say no.

Bludgeon is the most well known of them, leading the Decepticons and being featured in a bunch of comics, and has had many toys over the last couple years. His shell is a skeletal samurai warrior that can wear the turret as an arm shield. Mine came with a sword that's just always been in his hand, fits nicely. The small bot is very reminiscent of the Micromasters and Minibots in shape and build.

The tank is very nice, other than a bit of rust on the screws on my copy, I really like him. I like that they integrate their small weapons into their alt modes, him especially. The turret can also rotate.

Next up is Stranglehold, the he has a Burt Reynolds looking shell, with a mechanical arm. His inner bot has a very nice looking build, would be nice if it had a bit more paint, but I like him as is, the back of the beast becomes an arm shield for the shell.

The inner bot becomes a rhino of sorts. the legs leave a gap that's covered by the arm shield thing.

Octopunch is the final one of the trio, He's received an update at Botcon, but other than that, he's been in obscurity as far as toys go. His shell is a pretty interesting octopus monster, I really like that they did the head out of the red plastic and kept it from splitting like the other two. His inner bot is pretty neat even with not having a fist hole for the gun. The legs of the crab attach to back of the shell.

The crab mode is pretty cool, has a few articulation points in the claws. he's got a much better alt mode than most of the large Pretenders.

Might be a while until I get to the Autobots, but we'll get there,

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  1. Thanks for the review, I been looking for ages these figures, since i had them as a kid


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