Sunday, 30 March 2014

Autobot Large Targetmasters.

Haven't done a -Masters post in a while, so I figured one of the Targetmaster subgroups would be good. So at the suggestion of a friend, we'll start with the Autobot large Targetmasters. Only the new characters, the movie characters I'll cover later. These three are probably the cheapest of the large masters, my guess is that the Targetmasters are built solidly (unlike the Decepticons) and they have less accessories compared to the Headmasters and Powermasters.

Crosshairs is a nostalgia bot for me as I had him as a kid (my only large Targetmaster I think, I kind of remember Pointblank too though) His vehicle mode is a futuristic truck. His partner is Pinpointer. The gun can peg into the hole behind the windshield in vehicle mode.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Technobots and Computron

This set was fun to track down in pieces. I got a good deal on a mostly complete Scattorshot and went from there. I ended up finding the parts all over, probably took me a year to complete him. He's one of the few G1 combiners that has a uniform colour scheme. The Cybertronian alt modes are all very well done, especially compared to the ones made for the movies and prime.

Strafe is a pretty neat Cybertronian jet. Unfortunately without his guns, the jet mode is pretty lame.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Regular Insecticons.

These three are some of the more common G1 figures, easily had for cheap. I think I had the bodies left over from the last collection and bought the guns separate.

Kickback, I still need to get a new head for, this one has one of the antennas broken.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Masterforce Sixknight

This is one of those occasions that the Japanese release blows the Hasbro one away. I had very little concern over whether I would get Quickswitch or not, and the first time I was offered Sixknight I passed on him. (a bad decision, it was dirt cheap lol) So when L offered me this one for a good price, I jumped on it.

Sixknight was a ninja that is a member of the Six Clan with Sixshot and Greatshot. He only knows force, but is intrigued by the Cybertron's nobility. 

In bot mode, people refer to him as bricky, but thanks to his transformation points, he has elbows, shoulders swivels, knees, hips, and even downward wrist tilts. Shape wise though, I would have to agree

Monday, 17 March 2014

G1 City aka, an afternoon with my toys

A few months back when Grandus first arrived, I decided that I wanted to build a city. I had my friend M over, and we went to town so to speak. It took us around six hours all together to take everything out of the shelves, transform to base mode, and put back after. But it was fun. The only base mode G1 figures that are missing from the shots are Grand Maximus, Black Zarak, and Galaxy Shuttle.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Combaticons and Bruticus

Picked up this guy in the Scottish lot. Onslaught had a broken shoulder, and Swindle was missing. I think a couple combiner parts were also missing. Overall, I think he was my cheapest combiner, coming in at $55. Other than the broken shoulder on Onslaught, everything was in pretty immaculate shape. But labels had never been applied, so I got some repros to make him look nice and spiffy.

First up, Brawl. His tank mode is really well done, and bot mode suffers little from kibble. As far as combiner limbs go, he's got a pretty decent bot mode

Monday, 10 March 2014

Micromaster Combiner Squads

The whole switching gimmick for these wasn't the best, seeing as swapping anything didn't really make you a new realistic vehicle. But "E" for effort I guess. There are four squads: Metro and Astro for Autobots, and Battle and Constructor for Decepticons in the USA. In Japan they were divided in to two combiners in a package with a MicroTrailer, all were Cybertrons.

We'll start with the Constructor Squad. The four sets are all gang molded, but in three or four colours instead of the two like the Patrols were, with the smaller parts gang molded between the sets in red. This and most of the Metro Squad I picked up from my Scottish friend, along with the parts for Snapdragon etc. They turn into a dump truck, a crane truck and a shovel truck. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Autobot Junior Headmasters (Siren, Hosehead/Carb, Nightbeat, and some KOs)

Waiting on a package for a long awaited post. The mailman must know this, or I would have it by now. :) So, until it arrives, I might as well finish up my Junior Headmasters. These three were among the  few that i refused to buy incomplete. I've seen enough want threads for their ear guns especially to know it's a bad idea.

Starting it off with Nightbeat, I picked him up in the lot with Liokaiser, Laster, etc. Really like the Porsche alt mode and the way their helmets make the seats for the headmasters.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

1984 Cars Part 2: Trailbreaker, Jazz, and Mirage

I think it's about time I do part two of this series. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason for selecting these three.

Trailbreaker was the figure that started my adult collection. I found him for $6 at a local comic shop. (ironically the same comic shop I sold my childhood collection to) I picked him up as an impulse buy, never having handled the mold before. It was bare bones, just the body. I later completed him piece by piece. The truck mode is very solid, and looks pretty convincing as a toy truck other than the split for the shoulder joints.