Wednesday 28 January 2015

Getting back into the swing of things with a couple Micromasters: Countdown and Skystalker

Been a little bit, had a house guest for a couple months and got hooked on Destiny...  Going to try to get back to the twice a week habit.

Countdown is the biggest US Micromaster set. The alt mode is a giant rocket launch platform. The front elevator can lift a micro to the top and there is a walkway around to the entrance of the rocket. Two places to seat a micro in the front cockpit and rear turret area. Plus a place to stand one on the small forward turret. As I mentioned in his review, Galaxy Shuttle also attaches very securely to this mode, you have to remove a couple parts, but it works. 

His rocket base was also used in Victory as the Cybertron's base. It was later released in Zone along with the Rescue Patrol. I would love to get my hands on the Japanese box, maybe one day. 

In base mode, He stretches to around 17 inches wide and just under 20 inches long. Making for a massive playset. There's pegs all over it for standing Micromasters, two on the upper walkway, four in the computer area, one behind the turret at the front, and a ton of other "interactive" things for the micros. 

His Micromaster partner was Countdown, he was unique in the line in terms of alt mode and mold. He turns into a moon buggy

I love the unsymmetrical bot mode on him. I ended up getting him from a friend of mine, this is my second of the same figure, the other had yellowing so i swapped it out. 

His rival in the Decepticons is Skystalker and his Interstellar Shuttle. Like Countdown, his ship was used in Victory as the Destron's base, called the Thunder Arrow there, He was available as a mailaway during that time there. The shuttle mode has two small cockpits to carry micros and a bunch of weaponry. I built him up from a bunch of parts, a word of advice, if you buy him incomplete, make sure you get the double barreled gun's connector with it.

In base mode, he has a pretty in depth transformation for a micro base, There's three places to put a micro on pegs in it as well, One manning the upper turret, one on the platform under the nose, and one on the small turret on the back side in this pic. It's not as big as Countdown's by any means, but still pretty neat, with the option of putting the small jet on the side gray panel like a landing dock instead of transformed into a turret station. 

His micro I don't have a separate pic of, but here's him with his mold mates, I am pretty sure he is the most repainted Micromaster there is. From left to Right, Rabbicrater, Metrobomb, and Skystalker. 

Metrobomb I wish they had repainted a different colour, like red or something, make him stand out a bit more, especially in car mode. But the straight Halloween colourscheme stands out well enough in bot mode. 

Thanks for reading, and for your patience in coming back after my hiatus. 


  1. I might be misunderstanding here, but in Japan the Rescue Patrol Team came with the base?!

    1. Yup, they came in the same box.


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