Saturday 21 March 2015

Deluxe Autobots: Whirl and Roadbuster

It's been a long time since I posted anything, sorry about that. Some stuff came up IRL for a bit. So coming back with these two.

Whirl is one of the larger G1 figures. His chopper mode has both props spinning and the cockpit can open. They are two of the figures that were never released in Japan.

His bot mode is very unique in that he has skis and claws, the head is very reminiscent of Shockwave. The labels are different than the regular G1 fare, with the small details written everywhere. Not much in the way of articulation, shoulders, ankles and hips.

Roadbuster is an armored car, he comes with a ton of accessories, making him pretty expensive to find complete. The colour-scheme is pretty interesting with the orange and green.

His transformation makes the shoulder joint crack from the pressure. The joint is dependent on the pliability of the plastic, which after thirty years isn't really there anymore. His bot mode is very well proportioned, and there is parts to cover all the wheels plus a bunch of parts that form the backpack. The head sculpt is very iconic.

I got both of them from Megatoyfan. Roadbuster is even MIB. He came unstickered, but a little Reprolabel love made him look like new.

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