Monday 6 April 2015

The "Toybox" molds - Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx

A couple bigger, and more unusual, molds. Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx. 

Sky Lynx was first introduced in 86, he's pretty big and one of my favorite toys as a kid. This one is the Encore reissue, which was also the first figure I ever bought in the first toy show I ever went to, which is the main reason I won't have to replace him. 

The base for him turns into the Lynx portion. He's battery operated and can walk or roll depending which mode you put him in (and whether you flip the switch) The Encore added blue eyes to him, He has dual tails as well.

The shuttle portion becomes a dragon or some kind of dino bird. I loved this mode as a kid, with all the added articulation to the neck, it was fun to pose, he gets lines in between his "eyes" on the cockpit for the encore. I am really fond of the gun inside the mouth as well. 

The two also recombine into what is his more iconic mode, He is one of the few G1 Transformers not to have a robot mode, instead, he gets this pretty interesting mode. 

Secondly, Omega Supreme. He's a large figure as well, with an unconventional transformation. 

In base mode, he's over two feet wide with a motorized tank that goes around the track with the turret raising, lowering, spinning, and lighting up. There's also a rocket launch platform with a rocket. 

To transform him between modes, only the tank itself transforms, the rest of the parts are taken apart and rearranged. This one is also the Encore release, which featured a face under the mask, and a tampoed Autobot logo. He can walk using the same motor as the tank rolls with, the feet move under the leg sides and pull him forwards.


  1. I wound up getting the Encores of these guys as well. My original Sky Lynx had a broken leg on the Lynx and the motor stopped working. My Omega Supreme was just depressing to think about, let alone look; he was utterly destroyed. I'm not too keen on the face with the Encore version of Omega, but I'm content with him since he at least still walks!

  2. I grabbed an Encore Sky Lynx and have him at the office. Looks wonderful there.

    Great pics!


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