Thursday 8 December 2016

I've waited an eternity for these...Headmasters Dinocassettes.

No less than a decade of searching for these, and they're finally here. I remember when Hyperoptic got them, I was so happy for him and jealous at the same time. fast forward a few years, and those particular pieces are mine now. 

The best part of buying his is there is zero chance that they are kos since he bought them before the kos came out. When he said he was getting rid of them, I jumped at the chance and sold my kos that day. The kos are ok as a stand in, but the quality of them compared to the originals is staggering, there's just no comparing them. 

We'll go in numerical order C-121-124. These were released in 1987 in Japan for their Headmasters line. They didn't get a lot of exclusives with this line in comparison to the later ones, but the ones they did get command a high price now. Graphy (or Gurafi) is the first of the four. 

He turns into a pterodactyl, very well detailed face and the accessories are a nice addition to his wingspan. I really like how nice the dino modes are on these tapes. They go rather well against Overkill and Slugfest. 

C-122 is Noise (or Noizu), he's pretty neat. I really like how they went out in left field to create his transformation. 

He tuns into an Allosaurus, the legs together make a nice single tail, but spread looks nicer on the front of the dino, I'm torn. I posed him this way for the shoot. You can see some nice tech details on the side of him. 

The other cool part about these four is that they can combine. This is Decibel. The transformation and combination was pretty neat. the end result is nowhere near as nice as the dinos, but still a decently passable bot mode. 

Dile (or Dairu) is C-123, the tape feels like it's missing something with the head leaving a hole on that side, but it does make up for it in dino mode though. 

Dile turns into an Iguanodon, and is pretty articulate, tail, waist, knees, shoulders, head, neck, and even toes. He can balance nicely in a more active pose as well. 

Finally we have Saur (or Zauru) at C-124. He's the only character to be seen in another series as he appeared in a sketch and then in the Transformers Animated series later on. 

He turns into an Apatosaurus. I love how long he gets in this mode. a few points of articulation in him as well. 

Legout is their combined mode. I like it, the way the weapons and everything mount to it make it a very nice figure. The proportions are off, but the intent was there haha. Both of these combiners are very much all I had hoped for, especially after the upgrade and how tight the joints and combinations are compared to the kos. 

With the US combiner cassettes, they fit right in, the only one that's pretty much perfect in combined mode is Slamdance in my opinion, the others have a bit of proportion issues, but they're all great in my books. 

Just one more to replace and this pic is legit. Very pleased with the jump my collection took today. 

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