Friday 27 June 2014

The Clones

These were one of the sets I had never handled until adulthood. I'm pretty impressed by the two sets, I think it was a neat gimmick, and glad it wasn't over used. We'll start with the Autobot pair.

Cloudraker and Fastlane, their names give away which is which with Cloudraker being the jet and Fastlane the car. Their transformations are completely different, but they both end up as the same robot mode. The only real differences in bot mode are the removable spoiler, some back kibble (wings/wheels etc) and the weapons. They sport a second rub sign which shows a car or jet when heated. These guys were from DubK and iamratchet hooked me up with the missing weapon.

The Decepticon clones are Pounce and Wingspan, they turn into a bird and a cat, they are also in my favorite Decepticon colours of teal and purple, which makes them a win in my book.

The weapons for Pounce can be held as guns or swords, a feature that turns up on a few figures. Their rub signs are of the bird and cat heads. I picked these guys up off Megatoyfan in one of the lots awhile back.

Sorry it's not a long post, there's not a lot of these guys. Thanks for reading


  1. This was one of my favorite gimmicks in the line. I wish they had a little more screen time and character development beyond the short scene in The Rebirth, but they are very cool nonetheless.

    1. The Headmasters series got into them a little bit too, but yeah, it would have been cool to see more of them though.

  2. I also own these sets and I they are some of my faves from the later lines. I remember they were in the series at least once post movie when they stole metroplex's cog. Also mindwipe was in that episode and it was pre-headmaster so he didnt transform lol

    1. wasn't it the key to the plasma energy chamber or some such nonsense? I know someone stole the cog, but i'm pretty sure them and mindwipe weren't out before rebirth.

      Thanks for reading.


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