Thursday 5 June 2014

Seacon Reissue

Haven't gotten around to de-reissuing this set yet. Maybe later this year, but for now, I have the BBTS reissue version. This combiner was released in Masterforce as well as the US market. I will include their Masterforce names in parenthesis.

We will start with Nautilator (Lobclaw), who is a lobster of some sort.

All five of them also have a gun mode that can be held by the gestault. Each of them comes with a stand that can support them in gun mode as well.

In bot mode, he's a typical combiner limb, not much going on, but that's ok.

Secondly we have Skalor (Gulf). He's some sort of mutant fish. The fish mode is fairly articulate, with moving arms, dual joints in the legs and an opening mouth.

his gun mode is a little better than Nautilator's.

The thing I really love about the combiner limbs is the amount of different head sculpts they get out of the same shape and size. Which is one of the things I love about the cassettes, how varied they are while being constricted.

Next up, Overbite (Still Overbite), where I think the reissue fails so hard. I've probably said it before, but purple and teal cons are my favorite colourscheme. and they removed the purple entirely from the reissue, which is mainly Overbite's colour. Instead they replaced it with Barbie pink™.

The gun mode is kind of strange as it just looks like a shark with his neck broken.

His bot mode really suffers from the lack of purple imo.

Seawing (Kraken) is a manta ray. I really like the teal, black, and gray for him.

His gun mode is decent.

His bot mode however, is not. The way they did the legs leaves a lot to be desired, but I applaud their efforts to make him transform differently.

Tentakil (Tentakil again) is the squid monster of the group. (What sea monster group is complete without a squid monster, I mean, come on!) He is also one of the most heavily featured of the Seacon drones on Masterforce.

His bot mode does something different by flipping the entire figure over for transformation.

Lastly, Snaptrap (Turtler) is the leader of the group. He turns into a massive turtle with moving turrets on his back. In Masterforce, Turtler was the only sentient member of the group.

Unlike the rest of the Scramble City combiner cores, Snap Trap doesn't have a base mode. In bot mode, I think he is one of the first figures to have angled feet so his legs sit at more of a relaxed open stance than straight down. The reissue changed his head colour from black and chromed the sword instead of it being that pale pink like his shoulders.

Finally Piranacon (King Poseidon) 

The other two group shots of the fish modes and the guns.


  1. Nice picks Bryce!

    I have this set as well. Bought it from a show late last year but have not got around to opening it yet.

    Piranacon is one of my more favourite combiners due to the color combinations they used, and that all the characters are from real creatures (aside from Skalor but I'm sure there must be something out there that he resembles.)

    Man, I really need to start opening up things in my collection.

    Keep up the posting.


    1. TFwiki has Skalor listed as a coelacanth, but I'm not buying it, lol.

      Thanks, One month to TFcon! Have to figure out how to meet up there

  2. I had all of the Seacons save for Tentakil growing up, but they've all disappeared. Once I got the BBTS reissue, I was a tad disappointed with the changes, like you. I recently got an Overbite, Seawing, and Tentakil, so I may just try to complete the set.

    1. Do eet! haha, I have to get the originals as well, been debating on the Masterforce Giftset.


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