Monday 10 November 2014

1984 Minibots Part 2 (Brawn, Huffer, Windcharger, and Bumblejumper)

Last week we looked at my new arrival Minibots, might as well get the others out for this week.

Brawn is probably my least favorite Minibot besides Wheelie, he just looks awkward, with the dips where his knees should be and the little arms. Even with that, he's still decent. and I love the colourscheme and the truck mode. 

 Huffer's truck mode is pretty good, I really like the giant pipes and the way they chromed just the top edge of the grille.

I think Huffer's mold is one of my favorite Minibots, just because of the ingenious transformation. Love the way the cab folds down.

Windcharger has one of the most 80's USA car modes of them all, with the Trans-Am. I have no idea why the only pics I have of him are still the keychain version, but I'll have to rectify that soon.

Like Brawn, he has an extremely simple bot mode face. But he is decently proportioned. You can tell just how bad the keychain version's molding was from this pic though. I have long since replaced him.

Lastly, Bumblejumper or Bumper, whichever you prefer. He never received his own card, and was packed on Cliffjumper cards. He's also by far the hardest and most expensive US released Minibot to get your hands on.

I love the headsculpt on him, it's just so different from the others. I was initially going to pass on him, but decided I might as well get him.


  1. I never realized this but Windcharger junk downstairs is really well-endowed..... :D


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