Monday 1 December 2014

KO / Counterfeit Scorponok Comparison and ID Guide

Figured since I got one of these in for a custom, that I would take the time to compare it side by side with the original. The box has been compared elsewhere in depth, figured I would do the same for the figure.

This is one of those so called "high quality" kos, I would firmly disagree on that. I got them in for a special project I am working on for a friend and I. Above you can see there is too much red in the purple and too much yellow in the green. In fact, none of the colours is an exact match. I left the labels out, but they're a KO of the Reprolabels set, right down to the chest label for the headmaster (even though that is uncut) 

- factory chest label and rub symbol are unapplied
- the paint on some of the claws are over/undersprayed
- colours 
- floppy joints in places, overly tight in others
- one of the figures had the one peg for the tail to connect in scorpion mode completely broken off, including the part of the tail

I'll try to do point form differences, #1 difference on every part of it is the details are very muddy compared to the sharpness of the originals.

Elevator parts: 

- I'll mention this here, but it pertains to all of the orange plastic, the original is kind of pliable, if you drop it on a hard surface it makes a kind of thud sound, ko is very rigid and make a clinking sound if that makes any sense. 
- base front cut out to save plastic. 
- Different shade 
- lots of mold flashing

- part of the guides for attaching the elevator base is missing

- crossbars hollowed out
- side details are super thin 
- uneven/sinking molding near the top


- tips of the claws are pretty short and missing details
- the overall length is shorter

- wrong detail on the end
- the piston detail doesn't line up

Large Parts


- scope piece is slightly downward bent
- stock is hollowed out
- tripe fins on the stock are visibly thinner

- back near the peg for base mode is sunk in
- thinner slots on the barrel


- missing the "A" printed inside
- missing the one fin inside the back
- mold flash

- you can see around the detail the semi translucence of the KO's plastic, it shows up in other shots too if you look for it
-doesn't fit smooth on the gun like the original.


- Screws instead of pins on the side
- mold lines running up the ears
- bluer clear plastic
- detail on the helmet top is just bad.

-oh, and this, one is like this and one isn't

Leg guards

- darker chrome, not sure if it's just because of age on the original or not, mine aren't perfectly mint.
- slots are more rounded instead of flat on top

- hollowed out, a lot.


- won't open perfectly, more bad detail

- middle peg is shorter, as is the hole

- the upper part has no slots on the inside
- extra mold cylinders on the crossbars
- small crossbars added to the outer fins

- overspray


- Female port instead of male peg
- mold flash
- don't sit up nice and flush like the originals do without support

Shoulder cannons

- that is not a blurry pic...
- the length way details on the barrel are missing.

- mold flash everywhere
- extra mold cylinders everywhere

Zarak, easily the worst part of the set

- one leg is longer than the other, stands crooked
- face detail is garbage
- spacing is messed up in the legs (more on that below)

- thighs are misassembled backwards, kind of like the Fort max encore, only he can't stand straight up
- detail on the legs is deeper

- eyes are thinner

- the space that is supposed to be between the legs, isn't, causing them to sit at an angle outwards at the feet
- feet come down and interfere with attaching to the main body, thanks to the reversed shins.


- grill on the face like detail is too long

- upper corners of the head are cut off
- neck area is sunken in and the post sticks out

- remember the translucence of the plastic? Here's a very good pic showcasing it

- this is probably the closest any of the parts get to being the same, colour is still off
- mold lines aren't very clean

- the side detail is on the wrong side
- missing the top piece all together

- muddy details again
- bad mold lines

- the filler crossbars are thinner, easy spot
- the molding spots are indented on the side prongs

Finally Fasttrack

- molding spots are either just a bit too deep or gaping holes
- larger circles

- top of gun slots are shorter and a lot less defined
- "fins" are more straight back instead of feathered

- wheel indents are shallower
- hip pins are different

- shoulders barely stay in
- smaller details on the shoulders
- top of shin piece is indented like not enough plastic was poured into the mold
- doesn't stand completely flat

- face is completely different
- chest details are way off
- missing the upward brace type thing on the shoulders/alt mode gun mount bottoms

Bottom line, for a stand-in, way too expensive, might as well buy an original for a little more. For customs, should be ok, but don't expect miracles with the quality.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We need to get this out there to ad many people as possible!

  2. That is some shoddy work. It looks like a KO from a flea market!

    1. Agreed, the broken parts and trashed stickers were my biggest issue with it. molding aside

  3. Are these current KO's, or were they produced around the same time as the originals?

  4. Wow, did not know the KO existed since 2014!!! Thanks for the guide, it is really informative. Sadly this explains why we have so many G1 Scorponok auctions on ebay nowadays...


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