Thursday 6 February 2014

1989 Autobot Micromaster Patrols

Decided to split the patrols into four sections. There's 12 US released Patrols, each with their own theme, once in a while, one of the figures in each is kind of out of the theme slightly though. Three of them were released in 1988 with Micro Transformers as their name instead of Micromasters. Ignition Terminals reminded me of this, I had forgotten. (even with having the card backs)

The Rescue Patrol is featured heavily in Victory with different names. Stakeout is called Holi, Red Hot is Fire, Seawatch is Boater, and Fixit is Pīpō. Each of them has a simple one or two step transformation which is pretty common with the series. 

Next, we have the Battle Patrol, which we've already seen in the Zone Micromasters review. I got these from a friend at TFcon, and rebuilt a couple of them. I really like this set. In order of the alt mode picture we have: Sunrunner, Bigshot, Sidetrack, and Flak. 

The Race Car Patrol is a neat set. Two of them were recoloured in Japan for Landshaker and Sky Hyper. From left to right: Swindler, Roadhandler, Freewheeler, and Tailspin. These were the first Micromasters I got as an adult from a lot I bought. 

Lastly the Offroad Patrol is next. I had found High Jump on the beach when I was a kid, and he is one of the two figures I still have from childhood. He's in rough shape, but I have a minty one in a box somewhere. Left to right: Powertrain, Tote, Mudslinger, and High Jump. 

The patrols are a cheap way to start grabbing Micromasters, and they're all pretty neat figures. 


  1. Some pretty fun sets. I have to agree with you that the Battle Patrol looks to be the nicest set out of the lot.
    You mentioned you got this set from a friend at TFCon.....when was the last TFCon that you went to?


  2. The Race Car and Offroad patrols had some nice moments in US Marvel issues 54-55. These were Budiansky's final issues, so you can tell he was getting tired with all the new characters, but Roadhandler in particular always stuck with me.

    I had three out of four of the Rescue Patrol guys as a kid. I'm not sure where my mom found them, but I guess they were from a yard sale or something because Seawatch was missing. I still have Stake Out and Fixit, but Red Hot got lost many years ago.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're featuring the Micros. I have very fond memories of these guys. :)


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