Tuesday 4 February 2014

Decepticon Regular Headmasters

A friend of mine asked if I would post these three today. I really like the Headmasters. The small bots are pretty neat, and I don't think there is a single figure that I don't like in the line up. I'll give Scorponok his own post later.

Mindwipe was my only Headmaster as a kid. He was a gift from my brother, one of three figures he had given me. Mindwipe is a hypnotist much like Hellbat. Binary bonded to Vorath the Nebulan Minister of Science in the US. In Japan he was the Headmaster and the body was a Transtector. This one I pieced together from a local friend and Ebay'd the gun.

Skullcruncher is a "tooth grinder" and his gun turns metal the consistency of rubber. He is binary bonded to Grax, a Nebulan industrialist, who only joined to eliminate his competion. I picked him up from Maz along with Chromedome.

Lastly, we have Weirdwolf. Built with a few wires crossed, and talks to himself in a backwards sing song way. Binary bonded to Monzo, a hyperwrestler turned nightclub owner. I picked this one up from Megatoyfan/Megamus.

The group of three was seen regularly on Headmasters, and were shown in Rebirth as well. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to see more of US season 4, I think it would have been interesting. There are a lot of characters we never got to see on screen.

I had to give them a finishing touch with some Reprolabels, but they look great, so I'm happy with them.

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  1. Great photos, as always. I get kind of a Zoids vibe from Skullcruncher. If he had a couple guns mounted on his back, he'd be a dead ringer for Barigator.


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