Monday 24 February 2014

Decepticon Junior Headmasters

These guys were a fun set to put together. They were heavily featured in Masterforce as three kids that Giga and Mega adopted/took under their wing. If you haven't watched Masterforce yet, I'd recommend it, but subbed, the Star-TV dub is terrible. I thought it was funny the first time, but in the end, it ruined the series. When I watched it subbed last summer, it was much more enjoyable.

First up we have Squeezeplay or Cancer in Japan, He turns into some sort of crab monster, that looks more like a cobra head. This was another pickup from Megatoyfan. His monster mode chest can open to store the Headmaster inside. I've figured out a way to have all three of their guns on them in monster mode, but they are supposed to be set to the side.

The transformation wasn't what I was expecting when I got the figure. He's fairly poseable for a G1 figure, with bending knees, rotating hips, outward and upward shoulders.

Second we have Fangry or Wilder in Japan. I picked up the body and wing in the big lot in the summer and completed him. He also has a compartment in alt mode on the stomach area that the head can fit in. He is some sort of wolf bat.

I really like these three for not using the legs become legs and arms become arms animal transformations that will become painfully popular. I think Horribull's arms are the only case of them using those limbs in that way.

Lastly Horribull, or Bullhorn in Japan. He definitely has a unique colour scheme, but I think he pulls it off nicely. The tan piece on thee back of the bull is the place to store the headmaster on him. His figure has a fatal flaw, on the neck joint of the bull, specifically the head itself, it's egg shaped, to make the head sit nice and tight in either mode. Unfortunately, this is highly dependent on the pliancy of the plastic, which as time goes on, decreases dramatically. I pulled the pin in mine and sanded down the bump so it's looser. Gravity will hold it in place in either mode anyways.

I find it a little weird that the three of them don't have the tech covers like the rest of the Headmasters. I picked this guy up off of TFW.

In a group shot, you can really see the difference in size of the three, I think they're probably all the same basic size but their different widths make it seem like Squeezeplay is huge and Horribull is tiny.

Definitely a well characterized set of figures. With unique alt modes.


  1. The only issue of the Marvel comic I ever found in stores as a kid was issue 77, "Exodus!," which has a great Fangry vs. Grimlock moment. Years later I picked the guy up at a fleamarket sans gun/wings, then finally completed him at one of the first Botcons I ever attended, probably 2001 or so. Still don't have the other two, but having watched Masterforce, they're now pretty high on my list.

    1. nice, yeah, Masterforce has that effect on you doesn't it? lol. expensive toy commercial that one

  2. I used to have Horri-Bull, but I broke him like 20 years ago. I've never been too fond of Fangry's figure, but I love him in the late Marvel G1 run. Which reminds me, did Fangry have an aversion to his alt-mode? He was never in his robot mode, it seemed.


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