Monday 17 February 2014

Autobot Regular Headmasters

Part two of the Headmaster posts. Here we have the four main Autobots, Chromedome, Highbrow, Brainstorm, and Hardhead. These four were heavily featured in both The Rebirth and in Headmasters in Japan. Chromedome even made a short appearance in Masterforce when the Headmaster Jrs were getting their bracelets.

We'll start with Chromedome, I picked him up along with Skullcruncher from Maz, he needed some TLC, mainly in the form of new Reprolabels. (all of my regular Headmasters actually have been relabeled)

Next, the second Lost Light member from the set, Brainstorm. He doesn't come with a briefcase, but he does have a pretty nice looking jet mode. I picked him and Hardhead up in the lot with Laster and Liokaiser.

Thirdly, Highbrow. Out of the four, he's the only one that hasn't gotten an update in any form. I would personally love that Headrobots Savant kit. The base mold is pretty much the shining gem of the entire DOTM line, and the kit seemed to build on that and improve it greatly. Unfortunately my Gort suffered a breakage, so he'll have to be replaced at some point, but he displays well in the case for now. I picked him up in a lot I got for $30, not much was complete in it, but it all was close. Had to get one of the guns and the canopy separate.

The crotch and chest labels were optional labels in the Reprolabels set that matched the box art and a bot symbol that matched the animation. this was one of the rare cases of me using the upgrades.

Last but not least, Hardhead. I really like his H-Tank alt mode. and how the cockpit opens on him is probably my favorite part.

While these guys aren't my favorite of the Masters, they are still really cool. I would be hard pressed to get rid of any of them. I do have a certain fondness for the post movie figures though.

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