Thursday 20 February 2014

The Horrorcons: Apeface and Snapdragon

These two are definitely my favorite of the regular size Headmasters. I really like teal and purple Decepticons, so Snapdragon instantly gets a pass. Plus both of them being triple changers and using the heads in two different ways for animal and bot is pretty sweet.

First up, Apeface. This guy's body was a $5 deal from TFcon that I bought for a friend, and somehow he ended up with two, so I got him back the next year, it was missing the head, gun, shield, and even the chestplate. Ended up finding the parts super cheap after a couple years. Most of these have had their backpack get loose over the years. If you pull the main pin from the canopy/backpack and undo the screws in it, there is a pink piece of plastic with a screw through it, simply tighten it and pop the pin back in, good as new. The pin's gnarled end didn't even bite that hard, it was probably the easiest pin I've ever taken out.

His ape mode uses the back of his head for it's head. This is probably the only mode for a G1 that I wish had another piece of articulation to make the head look up more. He has all the articulation to look natural in an ape-ish walking on hands pose except that.

His jet mode is a cybertronian looking one, but I really like it. The cockpit opens to fit Spasma inside. I would like to get a second gun for him eventually to balance out the jet mode.

His Headmaster is Spasma. Probably the flattest looking Headmaster in bot mode, but not too bad. Mine has some wear from the Headmaster port.

Next up, Snapdragon. These two are actually fairly poseable. Snapdragon more so than Apeface in  the arms thanks to the bending elbows and double jointed knees.

Snapdragon's animal mode is either a dragon or a t-rex. Dragon seems more likely since it's in his name, but stranger things have happened. I really like that due to Krunk's transformation, it gives him an opening jaw. His faceplate also lifts up, hiding the face and giving him a scale/horn on the top of the head.

His jet mode is very reminiscent of Overlord's. It has the same angular SR-71 look to it. The part just behind the nose opens for Krunk to sit in.

Krunk gets to have teeth all over his arms and legs, but he has a nice sculpt.

I have his box as well. This was my cheapest Headmaster, I had to piece him together as well, but thanks to being gifted one of the fins and his box, it was dirt cheap.

If you only get two Headmasters, I'd highly recommend it being these two.


  1. Awesome detailed photos, really liking the Aceface , the cockpit windows look nice and the nosecone is weird haha, does Spasma's back leg form the face for Aceface?

    1. Yes, the face is on the back of his legs. he looks a little strange viewed from the back :)

  2. Of course your pictures would be better than The Horrorcons are just awesome. The bees knees.

    1. Maybe, but your writing is more comprehensive than mine :) I'm slowly getting better at it, but It's not been easy.


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