Friday 14 March 2014

Combaticons and Bruticus

Picked up this guy in the Scottish lot. Onslaught had a broken shoulder, and Swindle was missing. I think a couple combiner parts were also missing. Overall, I think he was my cheapest combiner, coming in at $55. Other than the broken shoulder on Onslaught, everything was in pretty immaculate shape. But labels had never been applied, so I got some repros to make him look nice and spiffy.

First up, Brawl. His tank mode is really well done, and bot mode suffers little from kibble. As far as combiner limbs go, he's got a pretty decent bot mode

Next up, we have Swindle, he's about the most characterized of any combiner limb, making him a fan favorite for years.

His bot mode is lacking. I would probably rate his toy as my least favorite of the combaticons. The head sculpt though, I really like with the huge purple eyes.

Thirdly, Vortex. This figure is a pain. The head is extremely fragile, and can snap off just from transformation. Try to get a more played with piece for him, the looser the shoulders are the better. (not the ball joints, the slide ones)

His bot mode is pretty well proportioned though, and I love the colours.

Lastly for limb bots, my personal favorite of the group: Blast Off. I think it's because I like shuttles so much.

His bot mode is blocky, but I like it.

Onslaught's truck mode can carry either of the fliers behind the double cannons. It's quite long

His bot mode is pretty good, it is kind of confusing why he has a separate chest plate that adds on though.

He also has a ramp mode that can attach to either Trypticon or Metroplex.

The team looks pretty well rounded besides the regular complaints of the scale of the alt modes.

Finally combined into Bruticus. He's a pretty solid looking combiner.

To top it all off, a pic with some other Brutici. The WST one was a custom made from the Ruination coloured KO. It recently got sold off with the rest of my WST collection.

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  1. You really REALLY need to stop making toys I have happily ignored for a decade and a half look so appealing.

    Thank you also for the shout-out, I appreciate it - and your pictures - enormously :)

    All the best

  2. I love how the Combaticons all have a very distinct color scheme from each other and yet they still look fantastic all together as Bruticus. It's hard to pick a favorite combiner (usually it's either Piranacon or Abominus), but Bruticus is up there. Of note, I grew up with the G2 toyline and even then I thought Bruticus' new color scheme was ridiculous. (I still bought the G2 redeco of FOC Bruticus, though!)

    I've never had problems with Vortex's head, but mine had a breakage on one of the tail guns where it mounts onto the post. My Blast-Off also broke where the tail fin connects to the shuttle body. Also, on Swindle, I always used to try to figure out some way to mount his larger cannon on his shoulder kinda like how it looks on his animation model.

    1. it's the green plastic i think. it is kinda like gps, just not as bad lol. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the FOC version at all, I tried, and tried, and in the end, just couldn't

  3. Beautiful pictures, as always. When I get vintage figures from the secondary market, I actually prefer the ones that have never had decals applied. More than likely, the figure is going to get repo labeled anyway and it's just less work.

    1. I would prefer them that way, but the number one thing about me and US G1, I'm cheap lol. No yellowing, low paint wear, I'm good. I'll put out cash for things I can't get cheap like Japanese pieces etc, but when it comes to common figures, I don't.


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