Saturday 22 March 2014

Regular Insecticons.

These three are some of the more common G1 figures, easily had for cheap. I think I had the bodies left over from the last collection and bought the guns separate.

Kickback, always loved the look of him, my favorite of the trio

His is the best bot mode of the three for me, very well proportioned.

The three of them have a lot of chrome on them. The black, purple, yellow and chrome scheme is very iconic.

Bombshell's beetle mode is pretty solid.

There's a good chunk of diecast in the chest. I really like the head sculpt. It's very evil looking.

The bug mode is very robotic.

Shrapnel has one of the easier silhouettes to recognize from G1 with the giant pincers beside his head.

The trio looks great together in both modes.

So much chrome! haha


  1. awesome pics, sometimes I learn some new features on a toy from your pictures, didn't realise Bombshell had a horn. After looking at the internet pictures its just looks like a tail fin, the horn is from how you applied the sticker and the angle you took the picture haha.

    Those preloved Insecticons still look damn goods, interested to read other peoples' opinions on the toy :)

  2. So love the normal insecticons. That black and purple is just the perfect colours for them and really unites them as a group. On a completely secondary note, my spell checker didn't recognise colour, I had to add it which I'm not particularly impressed with. Nor recognise for that matter.

  3. Lovely pictures Bryce, I love the Insecticons as a team. I've always felt they were good enough without stickers applied, too.

    Draconius, that would be the default US spelling/grammar check, it doesn't recognise (eat that) UK spellings and like MS Word, has made the semi-colon one of the most widely and unconsciously incompetent punctuation tools used on the Internet :)

    All the best

  4. Kickback is, by far, the best looking of the Insecticons. I own two out of the four Deluxe Insecticons and I'm surprised by how much better the "regular" Insecticons are when compared to the Deluxes. Different companies and all that, I know, but still.

    1. I dunno, I like both sets for different reasons, These for their simplicity and great looking modes. The deluxes are ingenious in the way they transform. I especially love ransack.


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