Wednesday 26 March 2014

Technobots and Computron

This set was fun to track down in pieces. I got a good deal on a mostly complete Scattorshot and went from there. I ended up finding the parts all over, probably took me a year to complete him. He's one of the few G1 combiners that has a uniform colour scheme. The Cybertronian alt modes are all very well done, especially compared to the ones made for the movies and prime.

Strafe is a pretty neat Cybertronian jet. Unfortunately without his guns, the jet mode is pretty lame.

His transformation is pretty simple, as usual with combiner limbs. He does have a decent enough bot mode though.

Next in line is Afterburner. I really like the heavily armed bike mode.

Lightspeed is the third limb, I love the car mode. The twin guns on it are pretty badass.

He also has my favorite car transformation. Hood feet, roof chest.

Last limb for Computron is Nosecone, he turns into a drill tank.

The main torso bot is Scattorshot.

His base add on is a space cannon. the silver button on the top pops the front end.

Some group shots. showing just how nice they look as a team

Finally, his combined mode. His pretty well proportioned. and has a very iconic look.

Scattorshot has his box, and I have all four cards, unfortunately someone cut the specs out of it, It was in great shape :(


  1. Have you noticed any weak points on Afterburner's waist? I'm on my third one thanks to breakage at the waist. This allows me to have one in each mode, but it's still annoying.

    I think I'm going to start doing what you do with the getting TFs in parts and completing them over time at good prices. If my impatience will allow for that.

    Computron is my favorite fusilateral quintrocombiner ever. I don't know if it's because of the Grimlock connection, the colors, or the fact that he overanalyzes everything, but I seriously love him. This has been a great article and of course, great photos.

    1. No issues with afterburner here. but it is a tight joint there.

      It takes a lot of patience, but it's worth it in the end. I'd get strung up if people knew the average % I paid vs ebay completed listing prices for my G1 collection. Just research prices of figures and parts, and always assume the worst for parts. (say a headmaster gun is $35 BIN on ebay, that's the worst it can get. so take that into consideration when buying one missing that part)

  2. I have never card for Computron in the cartoon, but I absolutely have come to love the figure over the past few years after watching a bunch of you-tube reviews of him.

    Every figure is certainly unique, and I think Scattershot alone is worth getting at the very least.

    Great colours, great alt modes, great everything!

    I applaud you for having the time and patience to piece-meal him together over a year. I certainly would be able to do that. I personally don't own him yet because the timing has never been right financially, but in the meantime before I get the G1 version, I have contemplated getting the boxed gift set version. I think it tends to generally go for between $100-$200 on eBay from what I remember.


    1. The giftset is pricey for him be careful of knock offs. There was one of the do called high quality ones released recently


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