Tuesday 20 May 2014

A Couple of My Favorite 85 Figures: Jetfire and Shockwave

I loved these as a kid, and still do. Shockwave I got for helping a friend at a toy show last year, it had a faulty leg slider, but I was actually able to repair it with some boiling water. Now it is perfect, just waiting on a friend to send me pics of a box for him.

He's a hard figure to get in good shape, my first one was a junker, I ended up rebuilding the arms and torso where the springs had exploded them, plus added more plastic inside the legs so he would hold his own weight. when I was done, he was nicely displayable though. This one on the other hand, I am more than pleased with.

When I sold off my G1 collection, Jetfire stayed. This was one of the very first bots I had bought off L. and being in such good shape, I didn't want to let it go. For people unfamiliar with this mold, it is a redeco of the Macross Super Valkerie. The red, white, and black colourscheme is great.

Without the fastpacks and armor on.

With them on:

Him and Shockwave are some of the most articulate G1 figures. Here is a pic of him without the armor on in bot mode. I much prefer him armored I think.

The Armor takes away the overwhelming amount of white. I think it makes him look more balanced colour wise.

A parting shot of his Gerwalk mode, it seemed to stress the shoulders on him to connect it properly, so I just left them like this. No point in snapping them off for one picture.


  1. Shockwave is the bane of my G1 collection. I've owned three over the past 15 years or so - the first, the screw tubes burst, and the gun arm broke off. The second, the tubes burst again. The third, the leg broke off at the knee. I still have the third: fortunately, it seemed that the leg had been broken before and I had simply broken the glue holding it together, and it was easy to re-glue.

    I love the figure, always have, but it's still one that I'm reluctant to transform, and that's a shame.

    1. My first one was like that, i trimmed down the springs and put longer screws in, never burst again

  2. How do you fix a part with boiling water?

    1. if it's warped, put it in for about 10-30 seconds. pull it out, bending the part back where it's supposed to be, and dunk it in cold water to solidify it in the proper position. can also be used for removing stress marks


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