Wednesday 14 May 2014

Masterforce Godmaster Engines (Bullet, Zetca, and Aquastar)

Anyone I chat with regularly knows that I've been looking for these guys for quite a while. So while out with some friends I noticed them pop up, and messaged right away. I had to get rid of my spare, but the set was a good price for me. Happy to have these guys in my collection. Godmasters and Powermasters are my favorite sub-group of G1, so once one more package arrives, I will be complete on all of them

They all come in small boxes. The back even has the Masterforce art, but super tiny. Each of them has 1/4 Robot Points.

Each of them even came with personal instruction pages, this is one time I would think they could have gotten away with just a generic one.

Ok, on to the figures themselves, starting with Aquastar, who somehow seems to be the easiest to find. I've seen a few of them for sale. He is a redeco of Joyride/Ranger's Godmaster

From L-R Aquaster, Ranger, and Hotwire.

Next up, Bullet. He seems to be the hardest of the three to find, I've only seen this one in box for sale over the last year, and an armless one on ebay. He's a redeco of Lube/Road King.

The colours on this guy are great, so bright.

Here he is with Lube.

Lastly, we have Zetca. He's a redeco of Rev/Lightspeed, and the only one of the three to have any fiction. He appears in IDW's Robot's In Disguise series early on as a "NAIL" I've seen a trio of these for sale over the last year.

The IDW design has some wings and stuff added to make him look like a jet.

Here he is with Rev.

they all share a blue torso, while the regular ones are grey, so they stand out in that way a little more


  1. Wow. The coloring makes a big difference. The gold on Bullet's engine is superb.

    1. I agree, I am really happy to have these guys, they're a neat set


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