Tuesday 8 July 2014

Operation Combination Sixtrain Comparison

Got this today, the only piece I secured from HD's Operation Combination sales. Very impressed with the condition, and happy to have him. I was blown away on how many differences there were between the vintage and the reissue. The reissue was released in Japan as Sixtrain, and in KB Toys over here as Rail Racer with no changes.

The first member of the team is the leader of the pack, and forms the chest of Sixtrain, Desire. The chest piece and one foot make a trailer for him. There are multiple deco differences, the vintage set is unused, so I can't show all the differences.

In bot mode, there is a distinct deco difference with the vintage piece having an orange and black inner bot parts vs the red and blue.

Next one is San Diego, who got a total body colour swap between the two releases. The thighs and chest area are close in colours though. He uses the crotch piece as a something on top lol.

Next is Atlan, a lot of small details are different on him. You can see the orange/black colours coming out on him as well.

The one detail that might be harder to notice on these two is that the vintage one uses a regular blue while the reissue is a nice metallic.

Raise is also pretty close in train mode, he uses the head, fists, gun, and foot to make a car for himself.

In bot mode, we see more of the orange and black vs red and blue.

Windy has a pretty pronounced deco difference between the two in train mode as the reissue is much more detailed.

In robot mode, he has a green torso while the reissue has orange and black which is done in a more detailed manner.

Lastly, Convertor, who gets the entire train mode colour swapped with a completely different paint application.

In bot mode, the orange wheels and red body really set him apart where the reissue gets more paint on the torso and different visor paint.

And finally, Sixtrain himself, where it really stands out that the labels aren't applied. There should be some on his shoulder wings, crotch, thighs, feet, etc. None of the combiner parts are the same colour, with the chest being lighter and the head being darker with orange eyes on the vintage instead of blue on the reissue


  1. I love the red on the original, but in prefer the uniform colors of the reissue.

    1. agreed, I really like the unified bot modes with the orange and black on the original though as well. Happy to have both of them, unlike sixliner where both are pretty close, at least these two look different enough to have them both combined.


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