Wednesday 2 July 2014

Decepticon Triplechangers: Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and Octane

These guys are still ranked at the top of triplechanging engineering in my opinion, being as both alt modes are good. Sure there's minor things like Astrotrain's rockets, or the cockpit on Blitzwing, but they all look good, the classics versions on the other hand have huge sacrifices to the alt modes which really bring them down in my eyes, like half a train hanging over the wings on the shuttle, which would effectively render it incapable of flight.

First up, Astrotrain. I really like how he turns inside out for each of the alt modes. The train mode is pretty well done. Him and Blitzwing were designed for Diaclone.

The shuttle mode is nice and clean.

In bot mode the only minor issue is the short arms, wish they had went with the ones like the proto.

Blitzwing is pretty cool too, the second one who was also designed for Diaclone, but unlike Astrotrain, he actually got a release in green and grey.

His jet mode is pretty thick, but it does look pretty good. The missiles don't fire though.

The alt modes are much nicer than the classics one. Much more solid.

Thirdly, Octane.

The plane mode is pretty good, the arms are the only real issues with each mode.

We end with a few group shots.

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