Sunday 12 July 2015

Small Predator Jets: Skydive, Falcon, Snare, and Talon

The other half of the VS sets from Operation Combination, the Jet Corps, or Predators in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Skydive is the purple one, he has a strange alt mode, some pretty stubby wings. But he does have a nice colour scheme.

They all have a fairly similar transformation with the cockpit becoming the chest and the feet in the back. They all come with three green missiles and a gold launcher, unfortunately, it's "that" type of gold, and you can't use them anymore.

The main gimmick of the Predators is that they have a flip down clear "weakness" readout that can be inserted into the missile for Stalker, or the golden rear end of Skyquake, which is kinda not worth the effort with the GPS.

Falcon is a stealth bomber, the alt mode is a marked improvement over Skydive's.

He's a little more stout looking in bot mode, The green windows look pretty good on him.

Snare was the first one I picked up, It was a gift from a friend. He's a cool looking jet.

 I love his head sculpt.

Talon came from the lot of Euro toys I got last week, but it came in an earlier shipment. He turns into an F-15. The cockpit is pretty weird looking.

His head sits pretty low, makes him look like a hunch back. I think I can see what they were going for with it, making him look pretty close to Starscream, but they missed the mark a bit lol.

They are definitely a fun set, I've enjoyed messing with them again today, I'm hoping to get Skyquake at TFcon this coming weekend to complete my set, wish me luck.

Speaking of the Japanese releases, this is how they came packed:

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