Sunday 24 August 2014

Sixknight vs Quickswitch Comparison

Just a quick comparison between the two to go along with the Greatshot one. These two aren't as nice as the Sixshot mold, but still a fun mold.

There's no mold difference between the two like most of the Masterforce recolours. But the colours are much improved for it. The red and teal vs the blues really helps separate the two.

The stickers have a few different colours in them too. I'm not sure what they were going for with the red puma head on Quickswitch.

The Hydrofoil mode shows most of Sixknight's very limited red. I also much prefer the blue window on it.

The chrome drill really makes the drill tank mode in my opinion. but the lighter teal ratchet joint pieces blend nicer than the bright red ones do.

One thing I really like about Quickswitch is the way the weapons blend together for gun mode.

Sorry for the lack of words in this one, couldn't think of much else to say.

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