Tuesday 5 August 2014

Progress Report on Japanese G1 collection

I was chatting with Arkvander this morning and he suggested that I do a current state of my Japanese G1 collection. It's not quite done, but I figured it was a good idea for a post, if it comes across as a bragging post, it's his fault. ;) The pieces that were US released as well, I (mostly) left out for time and spacial reasons.

Random opening picture, go!
We will go by series to make things a little simpler, Headmasters is probably my least complete series. The only one that's a vintage piece is Raiden, the heads and tapes are kos, and the rest are reissues. One day I will get around to replacing them. Other than replacements, the only figure I currently need to complete the line up is Artfire, but I find it very hard to justify the price for an Inferno repaint.

Masterforce, on the other hand is pretty close. All of the ones pictured except God Ginrai are vintage. The rest of Metalhawk is on it's way as well. Most of these are also MIB. I found this to be a pretty cool series of characters and toys. Minerva and Go Shooter I have the Korean KOs, but they are on their way out of my collection, so I didn't bother picturing them. Maybe I'll do a retake of this shot with everyone in it in a couple weeks. Current missing figures are Grand Max, Black Zarak, Javil, and Guzzle. The latter two have been causing me hassle, haven't tried to get the first two yet (kinda). 

Also forgot this guy, don't ask me how. Maybe because he's incomplete. 

Victory is also drawing to a close with the two figures in the mail. I am currently only trying to get the Crossformers. I will most likely replace Landcross too at some time. I have Machtackle in vintage already, so two more to go. I would like to get a box for Galaxy Shuttle one day too. 

Zone, I am done whenever the box and gun arrive for Roadfire. This shot's older and includes all of the releases under that line, whether it was a re release or the same as the US version. I would like to get my hands on a yellow weapon set of the battle patrol too. 

Return of Convoy, I'm getting close on as well. I have a vintage Star Convoy coming, and a few more trailers (the trailers were released separately with a patrol or part of a squad and 1-12 as their numbers) I can't wait to be done this series. I really like the bases though, and the trailers were a neat touch. 

The last series that Japan had was Operation Combination. The Sixturbo is a reissue for now, but this is what I have so far. Still a few more VS sets and the big two to go.

Hope you enjoyed this, it's a pretty different post than I'm used to writing. 


  1. Nice collection. The one thing you have that makes me jealous is Grandus. I've wanted that big guy for years.

    1. He's a pretty cool piece, one of my old friends helped me acquire him. I have a feeling the next kabaya wave will be him and sky garry in there


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