Tuesday 25 August 2015

1985 Minibots Powerglide, Warpath, Seaspray, Cosmos, and Beachcomber

Been a while since I did a US released set of figures, so I might as well do one or two.

Most of these I got from throw-ins in lots, Barring Cosmos and Beachcomber who I got from local guys. This year of Minibots has the biggest variety of all the years. My personal favorites from the three years of minis is here.

First up, we have Cosmos, he's a UFO, very compact with an interesting choice of colours.

Like most Minibots, his transformation is pretty simple. Pull legs out fold down, fold feet and arms up and pull out the head. The resulting robot is pretty tubby, but in a good way.

Powerglide is a red A-10 Warthog. They've been making new toys of him pretty frequently lately for some reason.

His transformation is interesting for a minibot, slide the legs out, fold and rotate the wings, then rotate the head and pull out the arms

Beachcomber is a dune buggy, I really like that they went the extra mile in adding some different coloured plastics to the vehicle mode, really makes it pop. He has rubber tires like the first year cars as well

He's super simple to transform, flip out legs and head, and pull out shoulders. He is one of my favorite minibots though.

Seaspray makes up the water member of the group with a hovercraft alt mode. There are wheels on the bottom and the propellers spin.

His transformation is pretty easy too, pull out legs and rotate the feet and propeller section. I am really quite fond of this figure.

Finally, we have Warpath. He's a tank, the turret spins and there are wheels on the bottom, other than that, not a lot going on. You can lift his head to open the driver's area I guess.

His transformation is different, but not too intense. Pull out legs, then shoulders, rotate feet and turret, slide turret back and flip up his head. He has a very unconventional bot mode with the turret sticking out of his chest

Neat little figures, not very expensive either. 

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