Thursday 19 December 2019

1990 Decepticon Patrols

Next up is the 1990 Decepticon Patrols, They only did two Patrols for the Decepticons that year.

First up is the Military Patrol (R to L) Dropshot, Growl, Bombshock, and Tracer. Tracer's props and Growl's gun are removable and easily lost.

In bot mode, they look pretty sweet, one of my favorite patrols. Growl got a figure in Fansproject Warcry which makes a perfect Masterpiece.

The other was the Race Track Patrol. (R to L) Barricade (yes, he's not a cop car) Ground Hog, Roller Force, and Motorhead. They're a pretty nice looking patrol.

In bot mode, they have a nice uniform set.

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