Thursday 19 December 2019

Mini Pretenders

Mini Pretenders are probably my favorite USA Pretender set. The inner bots aren't just yogaing all over the place. Haha.

So the first on the list is Doubleheader, the inner bots are super tiny and the mini guns for the inner bots for all six are easily lost, I would personally not recommend buying them without them.

They all have a shield that attaches to the shell and then add the small guns to the vehicle modes. It actually looks like a jet instead of a yoga pose.

Next up is Longtooth, he was the last figure I got to complete my USA G1 line.

The truck mode is interesting to say the least. the entire red part is the shield that goes on the back of the shell.

The third Autobot pretender is Pincher. I really like the inner bot on him.

The legs and tail are the shield part, I do have a soft spot for scorpion formers.

The first and most important of the Decepticons is Bludgeon. He's had numerous figures and stories about him

The tank mode is pretty neat, the turret is the arm shield.

Second is Octopunch. The head is so creepy looking.

The crab mode is awesome, unfortunately the legs have a tiny tab on them that breaks very easily.

Stranglehold is pretty cool looking, Burt Reynolds He-man wannabe lol

He turns into a rhino? maybe? Like I said, I love these guys, their alt modes are actually alt modes.

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