Wednesday 23 April 2014

Terrorcons and Abominus

One of the most unique combiner teams from G1 is the Terrorcons, released as a rival for Computron in 86. I pieced the set together from a couple different places. No real story behind it.

First up is Cutthroat, He's some sort of bird like monster. One of the first figures that was made with a weapon forming part of the alt mode. It forms the tail of the beast.

The next is Blot. He's some random monster thing.

In bot mode, he's not a lot better. He's basically a block.

Sinnertwin is pretty fragile for some reason the heads snap off if he's used as an arm. too much pressure or something on that type of plastic. Good thing he makes a good leg.

Lastly out of the limbs, Rippersnapper. He's some kind of walking shark monster.

The leader of the team is Hun-Grr. He's a two headed dragon. He's one of the most poseable G1 figures. In dragon mode, there is three pivots and the waist front and back movement. the front legs go front and back and there is a joint to swivel them inwards thanks to transformation. the rear ones go front and back and the knees and toes move.

In bot mode he has the same joints plus a neck turning joint.

Like the the others, He was supposed to have a base mode add on, but his was cancelled, this is the closest I can get it to what is shown in the drawing, Cybertronian ice cream dispenser maybe?

The combined mode is pretty decent. Even with the thinner thighs, he doesn't end up with the lankiness of Superion. 

One of the cooler sets I think, over all they are nice. Blot's the only one that really brings the set down at all. 


  1. nice review, his combined mode is definitely up there up with the best imo. I think Hur-Gur base mode is suppose to be a hug-o-matic

    1. lol, i was thinking of making some tiny ice creams to go on his hands in base mode :)

  2. Blot's my favorite! He's just so strange! Sure, he's a purple brick, but with the embellishments of his bio, he's a nose goblin that smells bad, leaks, and breathes fire. He just requires some imagination to appreciate. :)

    (Seriously I want some fiction with Blot. The poor guy has never gotten to do anything but grunt a few times and be Abominus' arm.)

    This whole team sometimes is my favorite of the scramble cities, actually. I only just collected them this year.

    1. sometimes lol. Blot's probably one of the strangest G1 characters, that's for sure, I really like what they did with him in the BH version, his figure is great

  3. You don't like Blot? I kinda dig him...for some strange reason.

    1. not that i don't like him, but i think he could be better


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