Tuesday 7 October 2014

1985 Cars Part 1 (Tracks, Red Alert and Inferno)

In 1985, there was another batch of previously Diaclone figures repainted or rereleased to be used in Transformers, we'll cover the first three here

Tracks has to be one of my favorite car bots, probably because I love the Corvette and the roof chest never gets old with me.

He is unique to the regular sized cars in that he has a "second" alt mode of a flying car, it's almost believable too. I picked him up at a parts party at TFcon the last year they had it. 

In bot mode, he's very slim and well proportioned. I love the rockets over the head as well. He is one of the few that I would like to get the Diaclone colours of, but the cost of them far outweighs the want. 

Red Alert is one of those figures I need to get a replacement for, the paint on it is trashed, thankfully I've located one to get this month. He is a remold of the Sideswipe mold with a lightbar added to the top. 

In robot mode he isn't much different from Sideswipe, still a nice mold though. 

I was going to leave Inferno for the next one, but I figured he needed to go with Red. Inferno is one of the new mold Diaclones to be added in 85 as well, with a decent sized ladder truck alt mode. He came from Megatoyfan

In bot mode, he is pretty decently sized. I really like the chrome placement on him, just enough I think.

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