Saturday 18 October 2014

Reissue VS Vintage Star Convoy

Just a Quick comparison between the reissue and vintage Star Convoys, they made quite a few changes.

As you can see here, the places that the vintage piece is white, the reissue paints silver. Headlights are stickers on the original and painted on the reissue. The star on his chest is chrome instead of yellow, and the shoulder labels are orangeish instead of red,

In this shot you can see the side chest windows are stickers on the original and tampoed on the reissue. also of note is the stickers are printed on foil for the reissue where they are paper on the vintage.

Harder to see here, but the grille is white on the original with the bumper being a sticker, as well as the sticker vs tampoed cab windows. The entire trailer is painted silver on the reissue as well.

Roller is almost the same, barring the stickers vs tampos on the windows.

Hot Rod has the same stickers vs tampos, chest, wing and windows. Interestingly enough, the stickers on the vintage one are gold whereas they are yellow on the reissue.

The microtrailer is the hardest one to tell apart, remember what I said about the sticker material? That is the only difference. The rest of the accessories are the same barring any sticker material differences like on the ramps. Hope this helps.


  1. Awesome shots especially the comparison of them back to back, kinda reminds of God Ginrai, is the backpack de-attachable?

    I really like this mold , it was used as the inspiration for TF animated Optimus Prime , I forgot which toy has the golden star across its chest

    1. The backpacks aren't really a backpack, it's a hollow shell that flips down to cover the crotch area when it rotates around for truck mode. so it is shaped like two fins coming out the back.

      Armor up Animated Activators Optimus is the one you are thinking of, I still need to pick one of those up someday.


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