Wednesday 1 October 2014

Aerialbots and Superion (Canadian Error Box)

One of my favorite MIB pieces, Superion giftset.

The error on it is Slingshot being spelled Slingslot on the front. I picked this up in a local lot, and ended up selling it to a friend, with the promise that if he ever sold it i would buy it back. Needless to say, when he was selling his collection off, I grabbed it, and a lot of other stuff back.

Back of the box has the 85 art, The transformation sequence, and all six tech specs.

Inside the box, everything except the individual guns has it's own space.

Individually, the limb bots are pretty similar. Slingshot is a pretty nice looking Harrier. Excuse the individual pics, they're a little old haha.

The transformations are all very close to the same, disconnect the nosecone and tail from the jet and connect them on the back, extend legs, fold wings back and pull out arms.

Next up, Fireflight is a Phantom II,

Air Raid is the only one I had as a kid, He turns into an F-15

Skydive turns into a Falcon.

 I think I like his colourscheme the best out of them all. One day I might take the time to adjustthe labels into their proper places, but I am happy enough with them as is.

The torso is formed by Silverbolt, who turns into a Concord.

Like most of the other Scramble City torso bots, he makes an addition to Metroplex, His is a ramp. The Japanese version has a launcher in the red middle piece that can launch an Aerialbot.

He has a decent bot mode. The gold chrome really makes his colours pop. Unfortunately he needs an accessory to make his chest more detailed.

In combined mode, he's gotta be the least proportioned out of them all. very skinny and long legs throw it off. I'm glad I have this one as the legs actually lock standing straight.

All in all, not too bad, just looks better displayed with the legs hidden from view.


  1. Have to love the Canadian boxes !

    Aside from the box and some crooked stickers this guy looks super mint. Especially the styrofoam.

    Don't have him yet, but it's so hard to trust some of the boxsets you see that other than ones selling with a extremely low price you really have to be careful when buying them.....unless you get to do what you did and buy yours back.

    Do you remember what else you got back from your buddy?


    1. The one thing I love about Canadian boxes is that the ko makers haven't koed the bilingual packaging. Makes it easier to trust in that regard.

      Aside from the one tear on the back bottom of the box, it's in pretty good shape. the front looking faded is just a side effect of the lighting in the photo. The guy shipped it back to me in a box with a newspaper on top, not crumpled, just set on top in a huge box lol. Got a couple creases from that. The toy itself is in great shape though. Nice and tight, and perfect chrome and paint

      Trypticon, Spinister, and Crankcase were a few, I also bought a lot more from him while he was selling out. Monsterbots, Bluestreak, another complete Micromaster set, Doubledealer, Bludgeon, and some others.

  2. Nice photos, never seen close up shots of this combiner with stickers b4, they actually look pretty good but Air Riad stickers look weird tho haha

    1. actually I meant Skydive :)

    2. I always find the crotchplate stickers put on upside down for some reason on him and Fireflight, throws the whole thing off, might try to straighten Skydive's chest stickers though


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