Tuesday 21 October 2014

New G1 Collection Room Update: Toystages Added.

As a few of you know, I have been working with Toystages as their photographer for a few months. Just this week, I received enough of them to complete my G1 room (minus the micro display, but that would take a custom sized one that's way too big)

These are the basic layouts of the room, it's hard to see them in there in these pics, I'll go through them one by one. 

Starting with the Billys, they fit four of the large sized ones in each cae without any modification, and turn out really nice,

In the Detolfs, they are split in two, but they do match up. 

It's hard to get a good shot of these two pairs, so they get split up.

Decepticon side got a few as well. 

The Micromaster displays got some new boxes displayed on top.

Sorry, there's not a lot of words and some of the stages are covered, but wanted to show them, I need to do something for the back of the Micro display.


  1. woah, I saw you talk about these toystages diorama backgrounds on the TFW2005 some time ago, they definitely are a nice addition to a detolf display. I need that Autobot + Decepticon control centre background for my classicverse toys.
    I couldn't really tell but I think those purple displays behind the season 3 Autobots were backdrops of Cybertron? Definitely be interesting if they do one of the interior of Metroplex (as shown in the cartoon)

    Thinking about it this is definitely the dream collection, displaying loose and boxed toys look great together, especially when they are Takara

    1. The Teletran and Nemesis control rooms are really nice. I should take some in lightbox pics of a couple of them sometime, Yeah they are Cybertron ones, Those ones are in full in the Billy cases, a little easier to see them there. They have a few more ideas for them, I am excited to see what's in the pipeline.

      Thank you very much for the kind words, I have worked hard to get it to where it is now. I appreciate it.

  2. Those look much better than I thought they would. Every time I see your pics of these, I'm tempted to just break down and buy some.

    1. Do eet!! Haha, I would get a couple to see if you like them, either way, they make nice pic backdrops.

  3. Wow Bryce,

    Those backgrounds sure do add a whole new dimension to displaying your figures. I really do like them.

    How close are you to completing your G1 collection?


    1. Thanks,

      84-87, Four of the targetmasters from the 86 characters and a jetdasher.
      88-90 (USA) a ton of pretenders, not going for Actionmasters at this point.
      Headmasters: Artfire, and to replace the Headmaster Warriors and Cassettes with official ones
      Masterforce: Grand Max, working on a custom Black Zarak
      Victory: Blue Bacchus and an official Black Shadow
      Return of Convoy, some of the Microtrailers
      Operation Combination: Sixturbo, Battle Gaia, Guard City, and TF-06
      Euro: Getting there, but still need a lot, haven't focused on them much


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