Saturday 18 January 2014

Autobot Micromaster Battlestations

Most that know me, know I love Micromasters. The first time I re-collected G1, I didn't even bother with them. This time, I was clearing out my friend's remaining extras, so I picked up what Micros he had, lots of incomplete patrols, and a couple bases. Hot House came from that lot. Ironworks, I got from a TFW member with the AA base, Greasepit, and Cannon Transport.

Today, we'll go with the Battlestations: Hot House, Ironworks, Greasepit, and Airwave. I love these things. As a kid, I was into Micro Machines almost as much as Transformers, that might explain partially why I like Micromasters so much.

We'll start with the easiest one of these to acquire, Hot House. His bio makes him out to be one of the guys that never shuts up, and a brawler. He's a redeco of Tailwind from the Air Strike Patrol.His battlestation is a Fire Station. For some odd reason, the Micromaster was an A-10 Warthog, When there was a perfectly acceptable fire engine, but I can see their reasoning a bit, as it's ambulance mold mate doesn't really have a set to go with.

The fire station converts into a tank.

The other Autobot Battlestation is Ironworks. He's a construction powerhouse. He is a redeco of Powertrain from the Off Road Patrol. His Battlestation is the Construction Station. 

It converts into a radar array. 

As I've mentioned, I really liked this set. The four of them are all pretty interesting, and some of the bases are actually pretty complex.

Next up, the Decepticons. 


  1. I love them Bryce!
    I was exactly in the same boat as you...never bothering with them the first time around. This second time around of collecting for me it took seeing a friend of mine with a bunch of loose figures for me to start really liking them. I was recently able to get Greasepit and Airwave MISB:

    ....unfortunately, trying to do that for the other bases has been a bit of a problem for least at a resonable price.

    Looking forward to seeing your other pics!

    Also, you've done a boatload of posts so far this month alone (which I'm enjoying). Are these all new purchases for you?


    1. Nice, I just finished giving it a read. I don't know how you can collect sealed. I would have to buy another to mess with. I can certainly respect it, but it's not for me :)

      Not really any new purchases. Mostly just figures I feel like getting out of the cases to mess with. I'll have to post my collection sometime. Just trying to get some content on here.

  2. That's something I need to get around to - getting more Micromasters. I got Greasepit a couple of years ago and just stopped. Every time I see Micromasters, I feel overwhelmed. There are a lot more than I remember there being. The little transports alone freak me out. Still, I love the way Ironworks looks. Great post.

    1. There's a lot of them, but they're fairly cheap. It was fun actually. The transports are probably the most difficult to track down at a good price


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