Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Collection Rooms

Figured I would do a couple posts of what my collection looks like. My main collection is G1 and MP, both of which are in my G1 room. My small G2 collection is in there too. The other room contains my Alternators, Animated, Classics, and random collections.

Starting with the G1 room. The left side when entering the room is all Autobots, the right, Decepticons, the only part that goes against this is the Micromasters. I'll go in a circle around the room.

Flanking the doors I have two billy bookcases, which contains mostly 1984 and 1985 figures. The lower shelves have some of the later subgroups and my fledgling G1 Euro collection. My cassette collections each take up their own shelf in each case.

The Autobot side has four Detolfs, the first being the MP shelf. Then the Masterforce, Victory and Pretenders. Third has Headmasters, and the fourth is combiners, 1986 movie, and bigger figures. Galaxy Shuttle is in the gap between Hardhead and Brainstorm now

The centerpiece of the room is my Micromaster collection. It has every Micromaster from US and Japan in some form in it. The only pieces I'm technically missing are the original Six teams, I have the reissues in there though, and one of the five coming soon.

On the Decepticon side, The first shelf houses my Victory, combiners, Targetmasters, and some of the Pretenders. Second shelf has big figures, Headmasters, and G2. Third one houses my Power/Godmasters, Trypticon, 1986 Movie and Masterforce Pretenders.

The second room. I am currently looking for new shelving for this room. Anyways, going counterclockwise from the door, starts with my Decepticon Classics.

Then around to the Animated collection. As far as I'm concerned, I'm done this collection. If Mech Ideas makes the Animated figures they were talking about though, I'm in.

The photography/customs corner

Classics Autobots fill the opposite wall as the Cons. Both factions have some of my customs sprinkled throughout them.

Lastly, My Alternators and random shelves, not enough of the randoms for me to consider them a collection.

The pictures are mostly recent. There are a couple bots like Galaxy Shuttle missing from them though.


  1. Man. Two rooms! I get a corner of the master bedroom. That is a sharp collection and I love the way that you have it set up. Also, I can't believe that's the light setup that you use. I have that exact one and my pictures never turned out as nicely as yours. I recently upgraded to a larger setup, and they've been turning out better. That is a beautiful collection.

    1. Thanks, there are more lights than you can see in that pic, and the background/camera do most of the work

  2. I used to make light tents out of cardboard boxes, poster board, and tissue paper. Nowadays I typically use just a sheet of colored posterboard and a professional flash (example: ).

    Anyway those pics make me wish I lived near an Ikea. The next time I'm in a city with one I've GOT to pick up at least one of those Detolf shelves. They're great, and I've even seen some pretty neat setups with light strips going through them.

    1. Yeah, i really like the detolfs, but I won't be putting lights on it. The less light in the rooms the better. lol

  3. I forgot to ask where you got the risers from.

    1. Dollar store, they are drawer organizers :)