Friday 10 January 2014

Zone: Battle Patrol Team, Super Car Patrol Team, and Rabbicrater

In the Zone line, most of the Micromasters were Identical to their US counterparts, other than being faction swapped to mostly Cybertrons, except the Race Track Patrol. There were two recoloured patrols, the Battle Patrol and the Super Car Patrol (Sports Car Patrol over here) and Rabbicrater, who was shipped with the VHS of Zone. Random Toy Reviews and Heroic Decepticon have both done great reviews on everything that was included with him on their blogs. Mine is loose, so I'll just be covering the figure.

*Japanese names are first

Battle Patrol

I really like both sets of them, the domestic and Japanese versions definitely are some of the nicest Micromasters in my opinion.

Powerbomb with Flak, I'm especially fond of the blue on the Japanese version, not as realistic as Flak, but it pops nicely.

Sunrunner didn't get a new name in Japan. I love how involved (for a micromaster) his transformation is. Great mold.

Neither did Sidetrack, both schemes look pretty realistic on his tank mode. 

Gunlift and Big Shot are prety similar in truck mode. It makes me wonder why they didn't change the brown. but bot mode looks significantly different, and i keep my micros in bot mode. 

a couple group shots of the sets together. 

Super Car Patrol

These have been rebranded as Cybertrons (Autobots) while the domestic release were Decepticons. Very sharp looking set I think. 

Road Hugger was another same named figure. Both of the figures look great. 

Gingham and Hyperdrive

Deadhour and Detour. This is one of my favorite Micromaster cars, the Corvette Indy is a cool looking car, and the curves of it really lend themselves to a nice looking bot mode.

Black Heat and Blackjack, I would have liked even different coloured windows (besides the shade of gld being slightly different) to differentiate the two of them in vehicle mode. The yellow vs purple in bot mode does the job well for that mode though.

the two patrols together

Now for the final piece, Rabbicrater, hands down one of the rarest Micromasters, I got extremely lucky in finding him. He's a recolour of Skystalker. He's also heavily featured in the single Zone episode, which i think might contribute to his scarcity. He was originally included with the VHS of said episode and a play mat. 

Pictured with his mold mates Skystalker and Metrobomb

These were all acquired from a good friend at TFcon this year, probably my best purchase of the weekend. 

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