Friday 24 January 2014

Micromaster Combiner Transports (Missile, Tanker, Cannon)

These three are some of the best Micromaster sets. The three of them are probably the most difficult to track down of the US released Micromasters. The Micromasters that each of them come with are redecos of the Constructor Squad. These are the only redecos of the combiner sets.

The first of the three is the Missile Transport. It comes with Retro and Surge.

They can be hooked up to the transport in vehicle mode. All three can store every piece in this mode.

The second mode is the missile launching base mode.

The base can split into two small vehicles for the Micros as well

The second is the Tanker Transport. It is piloted by Pipeline and Gusher.

The vehicle mode lives up to it's name.

It's base mode is interesting, it looks like a missile pod with a pair of guns. All of them can attach one ramp to the back and three to the front.

Their vehicle modes aren't the most convincing.

Lastly, the only Decepticon set, the Cannon Transport, It's pilots are Cannon Head and Terror Tread.

The base mode is pretty heavily armed.

The small vehicle modes are a little more convincing

If you can afford to get these, I highly recommend them. They are a pretty neat set. Each of the halvecs of the bases can be interchanged just like the combiner Micromasters.

A MIB shot of the Tanker to show how they came.


  1. Still need a few pieces for my Tanker Transport and all 3 will be complete!

    1. Which pieces are you needing? I can keep an eye open

  2. I would have to say that the Tanker Transport is my favourite out of the bunch. I haven't come across one myself yet but I would sure like to get it.

    Do you have all of the Micromaster sets and figures or do you hae a ways to go yet in collecting them all?


    1. Yeah, the Tanker is pretty sweet. I was lucky to find the boxed one for a great price.

      I'm 100% complete in Micromasters, both US and Japan. Just waiting on Roadfire's Micromaster and gun to arrive so I can do a post on Big Powered, Maybe I should do a collection post this week. The two biggest gaps I have in G1 are Pretenders and Actionmasters


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