Sunday 5 January 2014

Generation 1 Omnibots

Tonight I decided to post something different, I have a few other reviews done of Japanese G1 figures, but they can wait. Tonight's focus is on the Omnibots. These three characters didn't get a lot of fiction. But they are great figures, each having a flight mode like Tracks, they were slightly smaller than the regular cars, so I guess that's why they were made to be mail-aways instead of being released in the main line. Their order forms declaring "reinforcements from Cybertron" they were on a lot of kids wishlists it seems, making them more readily available than their mail in counterpart Reflector.

Overdrive is a strategist according to the mail in flyer, and that was about all we got. He was given to me by a friend from his childhood collection, I later completed him. He has a sleek Ferrarri BB Diablo alt mode.

Like I mentioned earlier he also features a "flight mode" in the same vein as Tracks. mainly consisting of flip out wings and guns

His transformation is the tried and tested hood chest with flip down legs, there's a couple tweaks to it, but nothing insane. The robot sports shoulders and elbows.

Downshift is the security agent of the trio, and my personal favorite of them. I bought Camshaft and Downshift from Mega Toyfan in a decent sized lot (same one i got Slapdash/Roadking in). He transforms into a Toyota Celica.

He also sports a flight mode, but he's the only one of the trio to use all his weapons in this mode

For some reason I like hood feet, and roof chest figures (Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Battlechargers, etc) so this is another reason i really enjoy Downshift's bot mode.

Finally we have Camshaft, the scout of the trio I had him as a kid, never knew much about him, other than he was an Autobot. He transforms into a Mazda RX7.

His flight mode is the weakest of the three since it doesn't actually feature any wings. but he is the only one of the trio to feature a spring loaded launcher, with the tiniest missiles I've come across.

His transformation is unique though, i don't think there is another figure with the roof sitting that way in bot mode.

The three make a nicely diversified set, both in colours in in transformations. Not a pricey set by any means, you can probably pick up all three for under $100 minty and complete.


  1. I love your blog dude.....always keeping it fresh!

  2. Still have my childhood overdrive I remember how I excited i was to finally get him in the mail - it felt like years!

  3. Does your Downshift have the variant Celica license plate sticker?

  4. Yup had them all as a kid, but since I got them second-hand they were all missing their parts - Downshift didn't even have his hood. At the time my dad was driving a white VW Fox, and to my eyes it looked like Downshift's Celica mode, so I'd pretend I WAS Downshift and was transforming into my dad's car. :D


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