Saturday 4 January 2014

Masterforce Cybertron Godmaster Cars

Short review of the three Cybertron Godmasters. Two of them are identical to their US counterparts, but the third is a repaint.

Lightfoot (Getaway) is the heir to the British Motors car company, but never forgot his roots. His transector is a sports car that can reach mach 10. Toy-wise, he's identical to Getaway. The godmaster unlocks the hood for transformation, which in turn unlocks the arms. This figure was the main goal of one of the toy shows I went to last year, as it was the last one I needed to finish the US Powermasters. Found it at about five mins to the floor closing, and had just enough to grab it.

Road King (Slapdash) is a world class F1 racer, something of a ladies man. His car can reach mach 9.5. He is also identical to his US counterpart Slapdash. The Godmaster unlocks the center of his car to allow it to transform. Had the body since I started re-collecting G1 figures, ended up replacing it in a lot later on since the parts were too expensive to buy on their own. 

Ranger (Joyride's repaint) is a mountie, with a love for nature, and pretty much a recluse until the other Godmasters get a hold of him. He is a repaint of Joyride with a much superior colourscheme. The Godmaster unlocks the front end of the car. I got this figure in November from a TFW member (Dew) in a nice little lot with Buster and Sonic Bomber. 

Some comparisons with Joyride and Hotwire

The Godmaster itself was also repainted as Aquastar in Masterforce and packaged individually. Currently I only have Aquastar, so I can't show you the Lube and Rev repaints (Zetoca and Bullet respectively) but here's (from L-R) Hotwire, Ranger, and Aquastar.

some group shots of the three

Is it worth tracking down Ranger, even though he's a redeco? Yes, the figure just pops in the new colourscheme, and it's another well rounded character to add to your collection. For me, it was essential to get them all, Powermasters/Godmasters are probably my favorite G1 subgroup of all time, there isn't one i'd recommend skipping.


  1. Great informative piece, those group shot photos look professional

    1. Thank you, I've spent a lot of time working on my photos. Much appreciated

  2. Fun fact, the voice actor for Ranger was the same guy who voiced Chibodee Crockett in G Gundam. Also, interesting to me that the Autobot Powermasters had chromed engines but Dreadwind/Darkwing only got chrome in the Masterforce release.

  3. Yeah, the chrome really makes them pop too, it's too bad they short changed Darkwing and Dreadwind, and Powermaster Prime for that matter lol


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