Sunday 19 January 2014

Decepticon Micromaster Battlestations.

A continuation from yesterday's post. Airwave and Greasepit are the Decepticon releases. In Zone, they were released as Autobots. Greasepit I got with Ironworks, he was missing the small Z-Gasoline sign when I got him, it ended up being one of the hardest parts to track down. Airwave I got from Tfland in a lot that I finished my US set with.

Greasepit is a small minded swindler. He uses his gas station to siphon gas from unsuspecting humans. He turns into a monster truck repainted from Mudslinger from the Off Road Patrol. His battlestation is a gas station.

The base unfolds into a rather large weapons tower. 

Airwave is the second Decepticon battlestation, he seems to be the hardest of the four to get a hold of. The Micromaster is a repaint of Nightflight from the Air Strike Patrol. In the US line the Air Strike Patrol was the only Patrol that was repainted in full. His Battlestation is an airport.

It turns into a missile base, with two fairly big missiles.

All in all, a very nice set of four. If you have the chance to pick them up. I highly recommend giving them a try.


  1. Great stuff!
    I remember having Greasepit from new when I was a kid. In the UK he was an Autobot and came with the orange and blue micromaster rather than the grey.
    I always thought it was odd that the Autobots had all 4 of these size bases and the 'Cons had none; and that my orange/blue micromaster never matched the Greasepits on the TF collectors sheets which always showed the grey dude!

  2. So then your Ironworks came with the blue and orange one too since they were gang molded? strange, I never knew that. I've only seen the Hot House from the UK, my friend had it for sale a while ago


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