Wednesday 22 January 2014

G1 Stunticons and Menasor

G1 Menasor was always my favorite of the Scramble City combiners. I loved how they could blend in with Hot Wheels with only a little size discrepancy. (I was never much for scale)

The first one I got was Breakdown, his wheels are rusted, and one day, I might replace him.

Next I got Deadend from friend in a small lot. There was a bunch of others in it too. 

Wildrider came in the same lot. I later sniped their cardbacks and weapons off ebay.

Dragstrip came with a huge lot that also included Motormaster.

Motormaster: This was a project bot for me. I got the first Motormaster in a lot from a friend overseas. He was broken, and pretty much what most would consider a junker. Another friend of mine gave me another at TFcon, and I built the two into one almost perfect one. 

His base mode's just kind of a ramp. I would like the Japanese unaltered version, but I'm satisfied with this version.

I love his tranformation, the cab as feet really gives him a unique look, which hasn't really been replicated in any modern versions.

As a group, these are a pretty nice looking set.

The combined mode is a little blocky, but I still like it. Much better than Superion's IMO. The sword is a nice touch.

Once the set was complete, I added a fresh set of Reprolabels to really make it shine


  1. Menasor was always one of my fave too

  2. Although smaller, Menasor holds together a lot better than some of the other scramble combiners. My Motor Master is slightly modified in that the guy who originally owned him cut up parts of the tech spec decoder and glued it over his eyes, so he's got red eyes. It probably devalues the figure but it actually looks pretty sweet!

  3. Nice pics Bryce!

    This is another combiner that I have yet to the condition that I like that is (MISB). It may never happen and I may have to settle with as minty a MIB set that I can find.

    This combiner set never really did anything for me in the cartoon as they came off well (except for maybe Motormaster), but in the comics since then I have really grown to appreciate and love them. I think if they didn't have Motormaster and his different modes this set would be less impressive.


  4. Thanks guys.

    I agree that motormaster really makes the set. Finding a MISB version of him (or defensor) for that matter would be an incredible pain. They are pretty rare even MIB. I had a MIB giftset a few years ago, but I sold it unfortunately.


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