Wednesday 15 January 2014

Zone: Metrotitan

Getting this guy was a huge surprise. I bumped my want list on and a member I had never seen before PM'd me that he had a bunch of Japanese pieces for sale. I checked his ebay link, and there were a lot of pieces for sale for great prices. In the end I got three from him. Metrotitan was the first. I decided on him since it was the rarest piece he had for sale, and it was guaranteed not to be the knock off version.

Metrotitan is so named because he was constructed on Saturn's moon Titan, he was trained by the Nine Demon Generals in the ways of evil. He also leads the Metrosquad. Consisting of Metrobomb, Metroshot, Metrodash, and Metrotank. He is a redeco of Metroplex. Unlike most of the base redecos, he retains all the accessories of the original. 

Metrotitan uses the non chrome legs and plastic tires version of the Metroplex. 

There is a special molded Micromaster ramp that comes with him, it can be seen to the right of the picture, it fits in the hooks that the combiner leaders attached to, the bottom of it is rounded so it can go up or down to match the height of the Micromaster base you attach it to. 

This is the bottom part of the ramp. you can see the two downward pointing tabs, they slot into the part at the very bottom of the pic. 

Here's a pic of it placed. It goes into the back part of Metrotitan's legs. They are the tabs that are between the legs where Hotspot and Motormaster can connect to. In robot mode they kind of look like they keep the legs separate.

In this pic you can see Metrodash's alt mode as well

With Metroplex

Metroshot is the redeco of Sixgun

Metrotank is the Slammer repaint

Metrodash's red really pops. It makes him stand out beside Scamper.

He also comes with a redecoed Skystalker, named Metrobomb

He came MIB, so here's a shot with the box.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photography.

  2. I once had a MISB Metrotitan...but sadly I sold it off as his price climbed on the secondary market. All I have to show for it now is the KO version.

  3. Really nice pictures in this posting! I had never considered getting this guy before since I already have Metroplex, but I have to admit…..between your photography and how nice the colours look on the figure I may have to try and find one.

    What do you think is a fair price to be paying for one MIB and MISB?

    @ ACDecepticon

  4. thanks guys. I am glad I chose him over a lot of the figures the seller had up. I have since been able to get every figure he had for sale from some means or another (except Deathsaurus, but he will come)

    I would say between $450 and $600 for MIB, I'm not sure what the current rate is for him, but mine was $450. The ebay BIN prices are quite a bit higher than that, but you should be able to find one on the boards for less than they want.


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